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Enrique De Leyva (Snr), Enrique De Leyva (Jnr)  hunting experience

Overall I must say that we enjoyed enormously our hunt in Namwala and that I found it of high quality in a number of aspects and hence highly recommendable. Management and hunting staff were kind and professional. Concession owner took an intense day-to-day interest in ensuring that hunting and lodge experience was of top quality. He knows the concession extremely well and is able to ensure a high success rate in terms of desired hunting experiences. In our case, to 100% satisfaction vis a vis our objectives. I highly recommended this place and management as a differential hunting experience in Africa. I enjoyed it enormously.

Enrique De Leyva (Snr), Enrique De Leyva (Jnr) Feedback – Click here to view the letter of reference

Concluding remarks on Christian and Erik’s hunting experience

A wonderful Zambian hunting experience. My son and I have enjoyed a lot the hospitality and friendliness as well as the game and nature. Having had many safaris to Africa I can benchmark Namwala to be among the best experiences we have had, and can only give my full recommendations.

Best regards

Christian & Erik Oestergaard

Christian & Erik’s Feedback – Click here to view the letter of reference

Hunting Couple

Namwala GMA is bordered by the Kafue National Park and the Kafue River. This large concession still has areas that are not accessible via vehicle. The owner is continuously adding new roads and improving access. This GMA has a variety of terrains ranging from rocky hills, open grass fields and dense woods. There are also islands in this GMA accessible via boat and available for hunts.

Hunting Couple Feedback – Click here to view the letter of reference

Lyle Kresge

Vaughan and Dora,

Thank you for all you did for me on my recent safari that took place from June 30th to July 16th, 2019 at Nsonga’s Kantunta Safari Lodge and Namwala GMA.

Lyle Kresge Feedback –  Click here to view the letter of reference

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