1. All daily fees, trophy fees, and other fees are quoted in USD and must be paid in USD
  2. 50% Deposit of the daily rate must be paid into Nsonga Game Management & Lodges USD bank account on booking the Hunt
  3.    Hunt Confirmation 50% of Daily Fee. Balance of Daily Fees, Concession Fees, Licence Fees due 30 days before Hunt commences
  4. Cancellation – Daily Fee’s, Concession Fee’s, Licenses are a 100% non refundable for cancellations within 30 days of the start of the booked hunt
  5. Deposits for cancelled hunts are liable for forfeiture if the Safari cannot be rebooked
  6.  100% of Trophy fees to be deposited with Nsonga prior to the hunt commencing all trophies not taken will be refunded within 5 days of the hunt completion

If you cannot start your hunt and you inform us in due time, we will endeavor to find you an alternative date; however, this cannot be guaranteed (e.g. we may be fully booked). If we cannot arrange an alternative date, you can send a substitute in your place who accepts the reserved dates and hunting conditions. In this case no cancellation fees are charged; however, the client must draw the Outfitter’s attention to the given change 30 days prior to the hunting commencement date, so that the Outfitter can arrange for the necessary hunting and firearm importation documents in the new client s name.

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We recommend you take out a cancellation insurance that provides cover against cancellation fees in case you cannot conduct your hunting safari. In the event, the client cancels the reservation in writing, and we are able to resell the hunt the full deposit will be refunded. In the event that we cannot resell the hunt, the full deposit will be forfeited.

If the Outfitter cancels the reservation for objective reasons e.g. extremely adverse weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strike, disturbances, force majeure, etc and the alternative dates offered are not convenient to the Client, the deposit will be refunded in full within 15 days from the receipt of the cancellation in writing. Furthermore, the Client may not lay claim to any financial or any other type of recompense.


Here In Zambia, strict rules apply to hunting activities and Hunters have to abide by them. Therefore, it is vital that hunters follow the professional hunter’s instructions.

Please respect your Professional Hunters, requirements, decisions, and instructions.

A wounded game is counted as bagged and the trophy fee will be charged in full

The game is wounded if it has left a blood trail or the professional hunter becomes convinced of the actual wounding.

It is a Zambian offense for anyone to shoot any animal that he does not have a license for. Please ensure you only discharge your weapon at trophy animals indicated to you by your professional hunter.

The possibility of ending the Safari Hunt.  If the client does not accept his professional hunter’s instructions and the outfitter’s requirements or his behavior and manners will make impossible the normal course of hunting, or produce a danger threatening not only the client but all others. The Outfitter reserves the right to immediately end the Safari Hunt, back out of the contract, and he may lay financial recompense for all the booked hunting and non-hunting days. Although such cases are very rare, we would like to highlight the importance of respecting your Professional Hunter, Outfitter instructions and guidelines. Remember we are only interested in safeguarding your safety the safety and welfare of our employees and offer a successful hunt.

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Nsonga Game Management & Lodges
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The outfitter will do everything in its power to ensure clients safety and take every precaution to safeguard the client’s health and life, but cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to the client’s health or property. Therefore we suggest the client takes out insurance before embarking on the hunting safari.


Whilst we would welcome the Hunter bringing his/her Spouse, Partner, Friend, Family, Observer with him/her on safari we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 12 years old.

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We will arrange for the importation of your firearms, the following documentation is required one month prior to arriving in Zambia. Please complete the form attached and send us proof of ownership/firearm license and proof of permission to export from the country of origin, a certified copy of your passport, quantity, and caliber of any ammunition you wish to import. The ammunition caliber must match the caliber of the rifles you are importing. We will send you a copy of your TFIP. Make sure your TFIP information matches your rifles information.  You will be met upon arrival and assisted through Immigration, Customs and the import of firearms procedure. We cannot apply for your hunting licenses until we have your Firearm Importation licenses.

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