Nsonga Game Management and Lodges believe very strongly in supporting and uplifting our local community. With this in mind, Nsonga has pledged ZMK240000.00 per annum to various projects ranging from building new schools to sinking boreholes in our three chiefdoms. We also pay the salary of three Teachers at various schools and are providing bursaries to 3 children. 50% of the venison goes to the community.

In the building of the lodge, we used locally found building materials and used people from the community to source these for us. In addition to employing staff from our local community, we have also provided them with many new skills when we started our Lodge building project.

Teaching on the job is an ongoing process.  Itumbi-Kaingu Trust has built a primary school. Which school’s approximately 250 children. The trust has also provided running water to the school. We have built a teacher’s house. There are many ongoing projects that we are involved in. We contribute ZMK60000.00 per annum to assist with the anti-poaching efforts in the Namwala GMA 

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